Refine Your Insta-Brand

Why Is Instagram the ultimate Wing Man for your brand?

  • It has 700+ million users per month, 50% of whom use it daily
  • 200 million people watch Instagram Stories every day
  • Nowadays, people are 10 times more likely to ask if they can find you on Instagram, as opposed to Facebook or your company website
  • We spend more time on social media than in our email inbox [Wall Street Journal]
  • Users become used to talking with you, so they come to like & trust you, therefore its much easier for them to buy from you
  • Instagram creates more intimacy with users over any other platform as it's more visual than Twitter & more 'wordy' than Pinterest
  • According to studies, people are more likely to follow friends on Facebook and brands on Instagram, meaning they're on Instagram looking to buy! [Social Media Examiner]
  • Engagement wth brands on Instagram is 10x higher than Facebook, 54x higher than Pinterest and 84x higher than Twitter [TrackMaven]
  • It costs absolutely nothing to promote your business


It's massively misunderstood! 

Here are 2 key misconceptions that might be holding you and your business back.

1. You don't need to be PERFECT to be powerful and memorable

2. You don't need to sell right from your feed and scream to the masses!

Remember, people follow you for a reason, so think about your feed carefully. 

How are you showing up for them in a way that speaks into their lives?



I'm so passionate about the power of this free app that I coach business owners, consultants & entrepreneurs on how to be authentic and effective on Instagram (whilst avoiding 'door to door salesman' vibes!) From my experience building @healthyourselfhappy to over 5000 followers in just 6 months I know firsthand how important it is to set the tone of your brand and develop a deep relationship with your audience every day. Figure out how to leverage the global reach of Instagram and your business very quickly loses its borders, saving you advertising spend and enhancing your professional reputation all at the same time!

Ready to join the Insta-Party? Work with me online or in person and together, we'll create a powerful plan to help you stand out and influence online. 

We'll cover:

Beautiful Snapshots

  • Create a stand-out account
  • Learn how to capture amazing photos
  • Edit pictures like a pro

  • Discover the best apps for editing

  • My secret websites and Instagram profiles for curating incredible content


  • Discover and define your Instagram style
  • Bring out your amazing brand to life with a stand-out Instagram account!

  • Attract potential clients and followers with an eye-catching aesthetic.

Personality VS Business

  • The pro's and con's of a dual business/personal account
  • What to share, when to share it and what constitutes 'too much information!'

Social Media Etiquette

  • The dos and dont's online
  • How to handle difficult comments 
  • Social Media etiquette so you don't look unprofessional online


  • Learn to shine and stand-out online
  • Define your target market
  • Authentically attract ideal clients
  • Sell your service and products without looking 'spammy'
  • Secret strategies to growing your community

  • Write copy that will strike conversation with your followers
  • Use carefully tailored hashtags to grow your tribe (and email list!)
  • Learn how to host a giveaway and strategically grow your following

Confidence & Public Speaking

  • Master your IG Live & Story strategy
  • Destroy the mental blocks holding you back from putting yourself 'out there'
  • Create engaging Instagram video diaries in line with your brand and image

Kate is super friendly, flexible and easy to work with. She brings a lot of passion into marketing your brand and really understands the intricacies of Instagram. The only reason I wouldn’t recommend Kate is because we don’t want to share her!!
— Dr William Rahal | Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Ready To Invest In Instagram?

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